Our 2016 Red Carpet Menu is Here!

I am very proud to announce of the 2016 Red Carpet Menu! This is going to be a rich and decadent meal.

I thought I had it done on Friday, just about 32 hours after the Oscar® nominations were announced! I was relieved but not quite satisfied with a couple of them. The next morning I had a brainstorm and was able to tweak a couple. One was still a stickler, making me crazy! And then on Monday, that came together. Yesterday was devoted to creating the Menu Cards – the movie posters altered to reflect this year’s menu!

Check them out here!


For ROOM – “SHROOM” – a mushroom “duxelles”-stuffed  brie encased in puff pastry. Thanks to Daryl Cheang for his “brie”-lightful suggestion of using Brie in honor of Best Actress Nominee, Brie Larson.


For BRIDGE OF SPIES – “BRAISE OF THIGHS” – chicken thighs in a zesty, rich sauce. Thanks to Marc Mogol for suggesting “thighs”. This was the last one that I just couldn’t figure out. And now it’s going to be a highlight!

bridge_of_spies_xxlgBRAISE OF THIGHS

Main Course:

For THE BIG SHORT – “THE BIG SHORT RIBS” – short ribs that will be prepared in a lovely deep flavored glaze. When I first heard of this movie months ago, I was hoping it was “Oscar®-worthy”. It pretty much wrote itself!


Side Dishes:

For BROOKLYN – “BROOCOLYNI” – sautéed broccolini! When I was reviewing this year’s movies with my father and mentioned this movie, he didn’t skip a beat with the ideal choice. Thanks to Carmine!


For MAD MAX: FURY ROAD – “MAD MACS: CURRY ROAD – curried mac and cheese. Within an hour of the nominations being announced, Joe Becwar called me with the Mad Macs & Cheese idea. GENIUS! Thanks to Joe.



For SPOTLIGHT – “SPROUTLIGHT” – shaved brussel sprouts salad. I originally thought of sprouts as a side dish that wasn’t going to work. I never thought of it as a salad! My thanks for this one goes to Christopher Plati.


For THE MARTIAN – “THE MARSHIAN” – marshmallow filled little red velvet cakes. Little red planets with a gooey goodness center will enhance the sugar velocity until you’re out of orbit in happiness!
martian_xxlg THEMARSHIAN
For THE REVENANT – “THE CLAWVENANT” – bear claw pastry. I know, it’s a bit of a stretch but the bear attack propelled the movie. Having one of these pastries will inspire a bear attack of your own that you will easily win with a sugary smile!


 A copy of KitchAnnette Red Carpet Menus: Delicious Dishes Inspired by 20 Years of Oscar® Best Picture Nominations goes to each person listed above who contributed to this year’s winning menu! I couldn’t have done it without them.
I hope you like the selections! Stay tuned for the recipes.


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  1. Marisa

    February 22, 2016 at 2:56p

    Do you sell printable PDFs of these? Would love to print them out for my own Oscar gathering.

    • Annette Zito

      February 22, 2017 at 2:56p

      Hi Marisa, sorry I’m just getting this message from so long ago. But just in time for this year! No, I don’t sell them but email me and I can send you files to print! Hope you’re gearing up for a great show on Sunday!

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