Dishes to Devour While You Dash!

AvoTunaIf you haven’t heard, the birds are chirping and the blossoms have bloomed – yes it’s Spring! The weather is getting warm and the winter hibernation is over.

That means lots of running around and less time to prepare tasty HEALTHY dishes for yourself and your family. I’ve partnered with my great friend Christal Forti of HealthVolution – click here for her fabulous tips for being healthy on the go.

I’ve got a few quick recipe directions that you can personalize and keep on schedule and on a healthy path!

This is the most popular choice for a life on the go with a nod towards eating right – rotisserie chicken! Remove all the meat and get ready to wrap!
Get a soft-leaf head of lettuce like Red or Green Leaf lettuce. Choose your favorite cheese and any other items you like – pickles, onions, tomatoes etc. Using a lettuce leaf, build up one side with your favorite items and roll it up! Two per person should fill up everyone without weighing them down!

If hot dogs are a fav, get ready to reinvent how you serve them! Buy all-natural options and cut each hot dog into circles – or “pennies” and fry them in a pan until they get brown – it should take just a couple of minutes. Serve them with a squeeze of mustard or ketchup so each bite-sized tasty coin can be easily dipped. Serve this with a quick sauté of a favorite green vegetable – always keep frozen options on hand – a quick 3 minute zap in the microwave before throwing it right into the same pan with browned garlic or onions and some olive oil, sprinkled with grated romano cheese and dinner is served!

Making rice is economical, fast, and can be served hot or room temperature to lots of raves. Use a nuttier whole grain brown rice or shake it up and use alternatives like wild rice, quinoa, barley… play with the varieties of grains and seeds that are so popular! Make whatever you choose according to package directions. Dice up celery, carrots, and onions – this is referred to as “mirepoix” and can be bought all ready to go to save even more time. In a large sauté pan, heat olive oil then add the mirepoix and cook until softened, adding salt and pepper to taste. To really make it a one-pot wonder, add in diced ham or some smashed walnuts or hazelnuts to give it some more texture and flavor. Add in the rice or grain or seed of choice and stir, cooking about 5 minutes. Yum!

This is a favorite! One large tomato with one medium avocado and one 3-4 oz can of tuna in olive oil. Chop the tomato, cut the avocado into bite-sized bits, and add the can of tuna into a bowl. Add white balsamic vinegar, a little bit more olive oil, and salt & pepper to taste. Mix and enjoy!

Have some fruit as a “chaser” for all if you like a little sweetness. Toss in a piece of DARK chocolate with the fruit to make it more decadent and enjoy the weather!

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