Cha-Cha-Chicken Salad!

Cha-Cha-Chicken SaladHere’s a most delicious, fast, and easy way to use that left-over roasted chicken. Have it for lunch or dinner… OR BREAKFAST! I’m not a big believer in “rules” when it comes to sweet, savory, and breakfast-lunch-dinner distinctions.

I wanted to start the day eating something less traditional yet fresh and bright with a bit of bite! Portion control was also a snap – and for me, that’s half the trick to being my best.

Here’s how to make your own personal portion:

FullSizeRender1 jalapeño pepper diced – seeds have more heat so use them as you dare
FullSizeRender-31 plum tomato diced
FullSizeRender-61/2 cup-ish chilled chicken diced
FullSizeRender-21/2 lime
Also, 2 tsp-ish extra virgin olive oil and salt & pepper to taste


Using the bowl you’ll serve in, add the pepper, tomato, and chicken. Squeeze the lime to extract as much juice right over the bowl. Add the oil, salt, and pepper to taste. Mix it up and there you have it!


Put it in a lettuce leaf, wrap, crusty roll or bread, on rice cakes if that’s your preferred “mouth delivery” choice. I had a trusty fork – YUM!

Kickin’ the day starting with my spicy salad! Yeah!

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