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It is officially summertime in the city and the beaches are calling my name. I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who lives at the beach, Long Beach NY to be exact. Marc told me that his summer will be filled with me, his kids, and all of our friends playing and fishing on “his” beach. Huh? Fishing? On the beach?? It’s called surf casting – I have noticed a few people doing it but wondered… what do they catch? And can you take what you catch or must it be thrown back? What the heck? As you can tell, my fishing experience is pretty much relegated to the seafood section of the supermarket! 🙂

Last Saturday, Marc invited his cousin Mike to fish outside his building on the beach. Mike’s wife Laura & I went to Manhattan to enjoy a Ladies Day. Coming back on the train, we wanted the boys to meet us at a nearby restaurant but they sounded strange… they asked us to walk back to the apartment before going out. Well, we never dreamed they would actually make a catch to prepare a wonderful dinner for us!!

The striped bass was quite large – large to me at least. They said after they worked together to reel it in, there was an applauding crowd around them to their surprise!

We strolled in to see many “fish store worthy” fillets seasoned and ready to be cooked. The broccoli rabe was being sauteed and the potatoes were baking.

Nothing is sexier than men who not only go out and provide gourmet meals from the “hunt” to the table, but leave not a trace of mess behind.

I knew Marc was a catch… but I didn’t know he could make such a catch… well besides catching me.. haha!

Go Fish!


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