The Milk Man Cometh… Again!

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Born and raise in a small town in Wisconsin, I never thought my kids in NYC would have some of the things I grew up with like a milk man. I am happy to report they are back and Manhattan Milk Inc. is ready to deliver. Although Matt and Frank’s looks may be a bit more hip and youthful, the service is the same… Personal!  So why would someone want milk delivered? For my family, the reasons are two-fold 1) convenience 2) organic.

It is easy to place an order on Once you have set up your account, they will send you a reminder to place your order a few days prior to delivery. Even in NYC where there are stairs to climb and elevators to rise, your milk will be waiting when you wake up right outside your door. It’s organic and fresh from the farm. There are no added hormones or preservatives. That means it is from the farm to your door and gone within a few short days. Sorry to those of you who like the expiration date to last months –  this is probably not you cup of milk (hahaha).

Although my kids have been on our family farm back in the midwest, we went on a road trip this past weekend to see where our milk comes from. We traveled about four hours outside New York City to Pennsylvania’s Amish country. It was like stepping back into time, watching the Amish bail hay by hand, wagons being pulled by horses, seeing cows graze the acres and acres of countryside just eating grass and producing milk for us to drink. There is no fertilizer used – it is all natural.

I know that I diverted from the topic of having milk delivered a little, but more importantly, from this experience we got to see where our milk comes from every week and spend time as a family creating memories. Both my kids enjoyed the farms – especially the fresh milk and cookies served at the end of our visit.

Think about what you drink and how it gets to you.

Moo, Joe

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