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Summer is flying by quickly. I hope yours has been “tasteful” and delicious!

The other night, after a busy, fun-filled day, Marc and I were starving but it was after 9p on Sunday. What to get/eat/make? Instead of a quick stop-off at the nearest pizzeria, I decided to make a fast macaroni. The dish formed when I looked in my cupboard and saw a can of red kidney beans – aha! And I had an onion in the fridge – aha! And a choice of macaroni – aha!! So here’s what I did and it took all of 15 minutes! Stovetop excitement!

I put a pot of water on the stove to cook the macaroni – I used tri-color radiatore. While that heated, I sliced up the onion, put it in a different pot, added a light drizzle of olive oil (maybe a bit more than a teaspoon), salt & pepper, and turned on the heat to medium flame. When the onions started to get soft (which was about the time my pasta water boiled – added some salt and then the radiatore), I opened my can of beans (you could use any bean you like or have – there are no hard & fast rules), rinsed, and tossed them in, giving an extra smaller drizzle of oil. As the radiatore cooked, the beans & onions warmed. The macaroni was done a couple of minutes later. I drained, adding to the beans & onions, and mixed. THAT IS IT! I added grated romano cheese to each bowl before serving.

15 minutes!!! Not only was that fast, easy, and delicious, but it was low-cost and highly nutritious. There’s never an excuse of time or cost or flavor when you have a few basics.


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