Makin’ A Fast Break…

Breakfast | June 10, 2010 | By

Ah, breakfast… a word used to signify the morning meal. Have it a bit later in the morning or early afternoon on a weekend (funny enough, not on weekdays), we call it “brunch”, a clever combo of “breakfast” and “lunch”. But the word “breakfast” is a clever combo of it’s own – break fast – breaking the fast after hours-long rest. The most important meal of the day! And yet people claim that they skip it.

Technically, you cannot skip breakfast nor can you have it as any other meal. Logic dictates that whatever you eat first in your day is your fast break, or breakfast! Are you with me? 🙂

I was about to dash out earlier today with only a cup of coffee and a long list of daily “do’s”, but realized I’d better break my fast right then and there before I lost all of my day-start energy. And then it hit me… peanut butter – PB&A on multi-grain muffin! It’s got the protein, fiber, delicious juiciness, and stick-to-the-ribsiness, making it the perfect fast take on a necessary fast break.

Break your fast so your energy will last!


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