Prosciutto & “Snappers”!

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My godfather, Carlo Catuogno, was a very funny man. He’d be served a dish of macaroni, eat it quickly, and jokingly say, “Where’s the coffee?” to signify his being done with dinner. He’d burst out in snippets of songs out of nowhere and crack us up. He loved to nap after dinner, which earned him the moniker of “Uncle Snoozy”. His banter with Aunt Vee was always pretty funny. He was my second dad.


Uncle Carlo and me.

One dish I always associate with him is Prosciutto & “Snappers”. What we call snappers are perciatelli or bucatini pasta – a thick spaghetti-like pasta with a hole down the middle. As you twirled it on your fork, it would always “snap” around and likely, splatter you with sauce or oil. Uncle Carlo would loudly exclaim when he got splashed as a result of the unwieldy noodle, but it was such a yummy dish, we would never think to change the pasta!

Here’s how:

• 1 lb perciatelli or bucatini pasta
• 1/2 medium onion, chopped
• 1/4 lb prosciutto, sliced thinly & chopped
• 1/4 cup olive oil
• salt & pepper to taste

1) Make pasta according to package instructions.
2) Drizzle olive oil in a skillet over medium heat.
3) Add onions and sauté until they’re translucent.
4) Sprinkle in prosciutto with salt & pepper to taste. Cook until it crisps slightly.
5) Add the pasta to the skillet and combine well.

It is great as is but you can garnish with fresh parsley or some grated cheese, parmigiano or romano, whichever you prefer.

I can’t help but think of Uncle Carlo when I make this dish. I hope you love it and don’t forget a big napkin as you enjoy these “snappers”!


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