Late Night Nosh? Cacio e Pepe!

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Late night celebrations are AMAZING! Usually there is dancing and lots of cocktails, laughing and spending time with  fun people. YEAH!

To top off the night, having a great dish is perfection. But it must be no fuss and no muss or it will kill the good vibes buzz! The warm comfort and indulgence of  macaroni and cheese, with the richness and pasta, fits the bill. No boxed option will do when it’s this fast and easy to make a creamy, delicious, cheesy dish of joy.

Here’s how:

• 1 lb spaghetti
• 1/2 cup grated romano cheese
• black pepper to taste
• red pepper chili flakes to taste

1) Make pasta according to package instructions. Reserve the pasta water.
2) In a skillet over medium heat, add the pasta, a ladle of pasta water, black pepper, red pepper, and grated cheese. Mix well to form a sauce (add more water or cheese to reach your preferred consistency).

In the time it takes to boil some water, salt it, and cook some macaroni , you’ll have a delicious dish to enjoy as you recount the excitement of the evening.

Happy 2016 to everyone!!!!



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