The EASIEST Lemon Pepper Chicken!

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My long-time great friend, Stefanie Sanabria, has become a workout warrior. She’s faced lots of challenges and always grabs them, deals with them, and surpasses their limitations tenfold! YEAH!

She got me motivated to get back to the gym with vigor a couple of months back which resulted in me taking a “graceful” trip in a class where I sprained my ankle and broke my toe! Now that I’m healed, she’s inspired me to get back to the gym starting with a few burpees – which are tough! More motivation for me is my upcoming amazing vacation where I’ll be hiking every day!


While Stef has been overhauling her fitness regime over the past few months, she asked me for help with her cooking repertoire, wanting some quick, delicious, and healthy options. She also shared that she’s got a bit of fear about splattering oil – sorta like my “fear” of burpees – ha! So she “made” me work out and I made this delectable Lemon Pepper Chicken!

Here’s how:

• 2-3 tbsp olive oil
• 1 lb thinly sliced chicken breasts
• salt & pepper to taste
• 4-6 small lemons, halved

1) Add oil to hot frying pan. Place chicken in pan and sprinkle on salt & pepper. Squeeze on lemon juice from a half lemon. Let cook about 1-2 minutes then turn.
2) Repeat the salt & pepper, then the lemon juice. After another minute or two, remove from the pan. Serve on a bed of fresh greens or with any side dish you like.


This is one dish ANYONE can master. It’s a dish that goes well with so much. Serve on a bed of greens – the juices from the chicken become a warm dressing – or with any vegetable ! Make a sandwich, chop it and make it an official chicken salad! It tastes great right out of the pan and at room temp so take it on the road!

The tang of lemon with the pop of pepper is a perfect combination and easily tweaked to suit your palate! Make it. Love it. Do a burpee! Ha!


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