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Aunt Vivian Zito Catuogno & Mom Toni Giachello Zito - Race for the Cure 2007

Aunt Vivian Zito Catuogno & Mom Toni Giachello Zito – our first Race for the Cure 2007

People! It’s getting close to the date! Have you been having a fabulous summer and forgotten to sign up? THERE’S STILL TIME!

Please join KitchAnnette as we again sponsor Toni’s Tony Team for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in NYC’s Central Park on Sunday September 7!


As I’ve written before, so many of us are touched by this form of cancer – not to mention all the other forms. Sometimes we win, sometimes we don’t.

Aunt Vee & Uncle Carlo - THE BEST!

Aunt Vee & Uncle Carlo – THE BEST!

My amazing mom Toni (of Toni’s Tony Team) had inflammatory breast cancer in 2007 and was cancer-free in record time and is perfectly healthy for over 7 years. However, we walk in HONOR of my incredible godmother, Vivian Catuogno, who we lost this year to myloma just a couple of months after her hubby, my fabulous godfather, Carlo Catuogno, was lost due to various health complications. Aunt Vee literally WALKED THE WALK in all facets of her life and in each September once we began our team in 2007. And Uncle Carlo – he was a riot! A classic! A full-out wacky character who is missed each day and quoted all the time! My parents gave me the BEST godparents – really other parents truly.

Wait – there’s more! If you join the team, you’ll get a team t-shirt! Even if you can’t walk with us, you can be part of the team by getting your KitchAnnette™ Toni’s Tony Team gear – all profits will go to the Susan G. Komen foundation! I’ll be launching that area over the next couple of days and will shout out when it’s ready!

So many good causes are being highlighted right now but this one is closest to my heart – LITERALLY!

I hope you choose to join us or donate.

Love, Annette


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