Here’s Why Using Whole Produce for Juicing is a Cut Above The Rest!

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I’m so juiced about the growing popularity of our Perfectly Portioned Produce Packs JUICE THIS juicing kits in the past few weeks. Juicing is no longer a “craze” or trend – it is a “norm” which buoys the notion that people are caring more about themselves and more about health in general. Yay!

One question I get that deserves some attention is the use of whole vs. cut produce in our packs. Now, I’m as lazy as the next person – something I like to call being a fan of “economy of effort”. Convenience is a wonderful thing but there are levels to it – if the thing that is easier is not as good for me as exerting a minimal amount of effort, it ceases to be the best choice… it’s just not worth it!

And pre-cut produce for juicing is on my list of “not worth it”. Here’s a little info on the life of produce. When it’s picked, it is at its nutritional peak. However, once it has no more “food”, it starts to go within and use its nutritional stores. When washed & cut, it releases enzymes that deplete the remaining nutrients… fast. Yikes!

If the primary reason to juice is to gain the highest nutritional boost, using cut produce doesn’t make any sense. Keeping it whole maintains the bounty of healthy benefits.

So what’s 5 minutes from fridge to glass? Not a lot at all! In just 6 seconds each, I can show you how easy it is!

O Snap:

Orange You Happy:

Red Set Go:

Long Live The Green:

Wash, prep, juice, & enjoy!



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