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It’s been a couple of weeks since I’m back from Rancho La Puerta and I’m still feeling the peace, joy, and motivation I gained there. Not too shabby!


When I was there, every day after a hike on mystical Mt. Kuchumaa, I’d indulge in a specially prepared coffee they’d make which included cinnamon (which I always add to my own coffee), brown sugar, and orange zest. WOW! It is delicious.


Of course I’d want to get it right so I had a special coffee to bring me back to the Ranch in a flash. I “never” add sugar to my “normal” coffee but this special brew has the perfect balance of sweetness and bold flavor.

Here’s how:

• 5-1/2 cups water (for 10 cup pot)
• 8 tbsp ground coffee
• 1/2 tsp cinnamon
• 3 tbsp brown sugar
• 2 tbsp orange zest

1) Fill coffee pot with water.
2) Add coffee, cinnamon, brown sugar, and zest to coffee filter.
3) Brew and enjoy!


Granted, you may want to tweak the amounts based on your coffee pot, style of brewing, and levels of strength you like in a cup, but you’re going to love this blend!


When you find a recipe for balancing your mood at your core, keeping a base of peace as you feel the joy in each day, it deflates your stress and elevates every moment. Rancho La Puerta is the perfect ingredient! I’m holding onto this great feeling as long as I can with every step and sip of this coffee.


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