Mozzarella is the Maine Attraction!

This holiday weekend I am in Maine to visit Marc’s brother, who I’ve met before, and his family, who I was excited to finally meet. What to bring? Most people think wine or flowers or something like that but if you want to make a really incredible impression, bring the fresh mozzarella!

Take the undulating sumptuousness of the white milky flesh and slice it onto a platter. Cut up your favorite juicy red tomato – I used vine ripe – and layer on the mozz. Rip up the fragrantly intoxicating fresh basil and sprinkle around. Add salt, pepper, and some extra virgin olive oil drizzled around. Don’t forget the crusty big round loaf of Italian bread.

Are you hungry yet? It’s really so hard to resist. Time to eat!

Take a big bite out of this holiday weekend and enjoy.


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