Berry Nice

I wanted to write now so when you wake up, you’ll have a nice suggestion to start your day. You can guess where I’m going – berries.

To me, they are little morsels of sweet excitement. Whichever you choose, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and beyond! They have their own unique flavors and textures and make everything they touch more special and delicious.

There are many ways to love a berry and here’s a fast & fun way to enjoy them for a breakfast treat. Wash well and make sure all stems are off – with strawberries, cut up into little pieces. Take a tall glass if you want to make it really glamorous or just grab any dish or mug. Add a few pieces of berries then a layer of your favorite yogurt (I like the non-fat plain Greek style), a thin layer of your favorite granola or cereal, a light drizzle of honey, and then repeat until you get to the top! Add more berries to the top and you have a crunch, juicy, rich, thick, sweet way to jump start your day.


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