Melon Mania!

watermelonsmileToday in the NYC area, it’s going to be H-O-T… a SCORCHER! Stepping out of the A/C can be oppressive. If your air conditioners aren’t yet in the windows like mine, it’s a race for relief!

I usually don’t feel like eating or drinking when the humidity joins the heat especially but being hydrated on days like this is imperative! To achieve this, I find there’s nothing like melon to stave off the heat and tickle the taste buds!!

There are so many varieties and ways to enjoy it! You can just slice and enjoy or shake it up! Give a savory twist to the sweetest flesh!

My mom would serve a half cantaloupe filled with ricotta but you might substitute cottage cheese! Honeydew melon wrapped with slices of prosciutto really dances the salt/sweet flavors. And a watermelon salad can really make your day – chopped with crumbles of feta cheese, basil, salt & pepper with a drizzle of fine balsamic vinegar. Melon salsa works on chicken or with shredded pork – chop your favorite melon, a jalapeño, red onion, bell pepper, salt & pepper ,and squeeze on the lime juice!

Don’t let the heat wear you out. Use it to inspire treat-like dishes that cool you down from the inside out!



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