Father’s Day Favorite!

My dad and me at a rare family outing at a lake.

My dad and me at a rare family outing at a lake.

Father’s day seems to be celebrated with a lot of barbecues and outdoor celebrations, however my dad is not an outdoorsy sort. He’d take a really good restaurant over a backyard affair any day.

Being KitchAnnette, I wanted to regale you with my father’s favorite dish… amaze you at the complexities and nuances of what he wants more than anything. Ya know… please him and wow you!

So I asked, “Hey Dad, what’s your favorite dish if you could have anything?” His response, “Bread & butter”. Bread & butter? BREAD & BUTTER???? What is this, the episode of “I Love Lucy” when the girls bet the boys they can’t forgo modern conveniences and there’s an elaborate home baked bread skit with Lucy ending the show emerging with a monster piece of bread singing “homemade bread with home churned butter”???

After I questioned him a few times (really… REALLY???), I realized the simplicity and perfection of such a dish. And I have wonderful memories of it.

scaglione-bros-bakery-frontCountless Sundays in the Bronx, I woke to the sound of the church bells of St. Francis Xavier reminding me to get to church and drop that attendance envelope or be in trouble at school on Monday. As dreary as this thought was, it was immediately trumped by the amazing aroma of fresh baked bread from Scaglione’s Bakery just a few doors down on Morris Park Avenue. We’d get a loaf right out of the oven and slather it with sweet butter that would instantly melt right in. Then we’d watch Abbott & Costello movies on WPIX 11.

In honor of this, here’s a “recipe” from Red Carpet Menus. A delicious option if you’re “off dairy”!

ShawshankHappy Father’s Day!


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  1. antoinette zito

    June 22, 2015 at 2:56p

    great fun article………………good, good

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