Happy May Day!

lots of lemonsGood morning!
It is the first day of May and in NY, we are going to have a full-out summer-style day with temps in the 80’s. I am heading to the beach to slather on that sun protection (they never meant “pretty in pink” to refer to the bright quotient of skin – decidedly not pretty) and play with my favorite family!

The only food I can think of for a day like today is fruit! Light and fresh and juicy. A cantaloupe, honeydew, and some berries seem to be in order. Yogurt for breakfast, fruit and a big salad for lunch, and some lemon pepper chicken for dinner. If I’m a really good girl and play nice all day, some ice cream in there somewhere.

Lemon pepper chicken, people – the easiest and the BEST! Take thinly sliced skinless chicken breasts (or chicken cutlets). Cut a couple of lemons in half. Get that pan or grill hot-hot. Cover your chicken both sides with pepper (& salt if you choose) and piece by piece, single layer, put it in the pan. Squeeze lemon juice all over it. When it’s ready to be turned, get that lemon on again! That is IT! Take it out when it’s browned and cooked through, add a veggie, a salad, put it in a sandwich, or refrigerate to make a cold salad for tomorrow. Good to the tastebuds, good to the body, good to the waistline. Yes!!


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