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KitchAnnetteElderflowerPowerGood morning!

We’ve been really busy introducing the world to our delightfully delicious JUICE THIS™ Perfectly Portioned Produce Packs but we have also been enjoying many delectable dishes (yeah… I’m diggin’ the alliteration… HA!).

We can’t help but become effusive when Trader Joe’s brings another amazing item to market – and here’s our latest favorite combo that you need to try “now” – they claim it won’t be there for long – Elderflower Tomme cheese! It’s mild… it’s mellow… it has a fruity/floral note to it but this is not your granny’s cheese!

Pair it with their ever-amazing & addictive Raisin-Rosemary Crisps… and don’t blame me if your butt grows when you polish off the whole hunka cheese & box o’ crackers!

And juice Red Set Go™ to accompany this tasty combo… the flavor will compliment and enrich the experience!

Now that I’ve just inspired your palate, I’m off to get more JUICE THIS™ to you! Join the juicing revolution and order yours today! 914 485 2244 – [email protected]


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