The KitchAnnette 2019 Red Carpet Menu!

KitchAnnette Full Menu 2019

What would be more fitting for my 300th post than to share my 25th Red Carpet Menu recipes all in one place.

I’m very proud of the menus I’ve created over the years and still can’t believe what started as a one-off celebration to support host David Letterman has led to a cookbook, channel, this blog, and many exciting experiences. 

Below you’ll find the links to the videos at my YouTube Channel and the corresponding blog links to all the information about each dish, which reflects this year’s southern style cuisine.

Happy Oscars!

For Vice, It’s ceVIChE – Shrimp Ceviche with Sweet Potato Chips


For Black Panther, It’s Black Pantherb – Skillet Herb & Cheese Biscuit Bites


Main Course:
For BlackkKlansman, It’s BlackkKluxsman – Blackened Chicken


Side Dishes:
For Green Book, it’s Green Bake – Collard Greens & Potato Casserole


For A Star Is Born, it’s The Star Is Corn – Spicy Bacon Bourbon Corn


For Roma, it’s Romas – Plum Tomato Salad with Buttermilk Dressing


For Bohemian Rhapsody, it’s Bohemian Raspberry – Raspberry Trifle


For The Favourite, it’s The Favourange – Orange Queen Cakes


Thanks so much for all of your support, comments, and enthusiasm! You’re DELICIOUS!







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