Wide Open Grilled Cheese


Ohhh, today in NY has been a bit dreary. Cool, damp, bone-chilling. I always have a love for any kind of weather because it has such influence over a day. Some people find themselves becoming very accomplished because they have no compulsion to be outdoors, and some take it as a day to do barely anything, savoring the self-imposed freedom from the tasks at hand. However you spend such a day, or any day, you  have to eat!

For me, it’s an open faced grilled cheese sandwich sort of day. There has rarely been a treat so satisfying than a choice of bread and a choice of cheese being joined together with heat to create such an incredible taste sensation. Being open-faced is the way to go… cheesy goodness oozing over the side just begging you to take a bite.

It’s a great option anytime, good for any meal selection. I went “old school”, choosing multi-grain bread and yellow american cheese with sliced plum tomatoes. Toast, pull out and add the cheese & tomato, put back in for a melted wonderment. Make a “French connection” by using sliced baguette with goat cheese… enjoy with fresh figs and balsamic vinegar, or drizzle with clover honey… mmmmmm. Can go Italian style with a crusty pizza dough bread and fresh mozzarella with roasted peppers. You can make it healthy or go full-out decadence.

Yeah, today is a day for grilled cheese…


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