Whatta Nut: Almond

almondbutterThe weather has been really astounding here in the NYC area and that has inspired my every meal. “Fresh” is the only word for all of them.

Besides daily indulgences of JUICE THIS™ to start my day, I’ve been opting for varied & exciting salads.

It’s been on my mind to make my own nut butters. How hard can it be? NOT HARD AT ALL! People, I can’t believe how simple.

I started with almonds, since they’re the latest alternative to peanut that I’ve been enjoying. You’ll need a blender or food processor. I used a “magic bullet” blender.

I added 1 cup almonds to a small cup and blended until it “looked like butter” – don’t be discouraged if it takes a bit. It will go past the “dust” stage and then suddenly, the magic happens! I was so excited that I didn’t measure what it yielded. Instead I sliced a crisp Red Delicious apple and slathered it in the best almond butter ever!

Give it your own spin – sweet or savory! Blend with cinnamon, honey, vanilla, ginger, a touch of salt, pepper, chili pepper, etc Stir in some mini chocolate chips or fresh berries! And how about dipping crisp steamed asparagus spears into a bit. Rethink the almond and go smooooooth.

I’ll be trying walnuts next. I’ll let you know how that goes.

My dad has occasionally called me A-nut when I’ve had a crazy idea – for once it seems it’s not crazy yet he’s right!


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