Trip to Shake Shack for the Roker Burger to Benefit

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I caught a segment of the Today Show early last week that featured Al Roker creating a special burger with Shake Shack Culinary Director, Mark Rosati, to be sold at various Shake Shack locations to benefit the organization No Kid Hungry.


Not only did seeing their use of pulled pork inspire me to create a shredded pork recipe I shared with you last week, but I wanted to check out the actual Roker Burger and contribute to the cause so I headed to the 45th St Shake Shack to give it a try! 

Here’s my review:


The burger was truly outstanding. What a great combination! I hope they keep it on the menu.

What’s more outstanding is No Kid Hungry. What many people don’t realize is that millions of kids in our country don’t get enough food at home, making it almost impossible for them to focus and do well in school. They are on a mission to make sure every kid in America has a chance to do their best and eat well.


This month they’ve had a promotion where participating food establishments have partnered with them to make every meal count towards helping the kids – entering your zip code shows you a list in your area!

Not only do they need donations, but they have other programs where you can take action such as appealing to government officials, leading a “Cooking Matters at the Store” tour in your area, even becoming a Cooking Matters Nutrition and/or Culinary Instructor.

Good nutrition and culinary education is vital for every child, every family. The convenience in lower expense of processed foods has blurred the lines of what real food is and it’s having an adverse effect on everyone. Teaching kids to enjoy different foods and to recognize what is good for them and makes them feel full of energy is imperative.

I am really excited to know about and help this group. Thanks, Al and the Today Show for waking me up to this cause and doing so in the most tasty way.


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