Egg-citing! Shishito Peppers & Onion Frittata!


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In case you didn’t know, I am not much of a “country” gal. Don’t get me wrong, I like hikes in the woods, walks on the beach, and the outdoors in general but I would be hard-pressed to clean animal stalls in a barn! Yeeeesh!


SweetChestnutFarmHensThe Sweet Chestnut Farm ladies of the coop! From left to right: Gracie, Ethel, Lucy, Clara, and Sarah.

So when my friend Suzanne Sumien bought a small farm in Connecticut, she knew I’d happily help her with any in-house projects but I’m stayin’ outside the chicken coop! Well, that is until this past weekend when I wanted to break in my new glamorous Field Company cast iron skillet. What better way than using it to make this delectably delicious frittata.

Here’s how:

• 8 large eggs
• 1/3 cup parmigiano reggiano cheese, shaved
• 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
• 1 small onion, sliced thinly
• 2 cups shishito peppers, sliced thinly
• 1 tsp fresh parsley, minced
• salt & pepper to taste

1) Beat eggs in a bowl. Mix in cheese. Set aside.
2) Place oil in hot skillet followed by the onions. When they become translucent, add the peppers. Season with salt & pepper. Cook until they’re soft and the onions are browning. Add the egg mixture to the pan and sprinkle on the parsley. Let cook for about 3-5 minutes or until the edges start to set and brown.
3) Carefully place the pan in a 400° oven for about 10-15 minutes, or until the top is lightly browned. Serve hot.


Let’s have a quick chat about the Field Company skillet. I always heard the raves from cast iron skillet users but that never outweighed the accompanying maintenance required to keep it in shape. I have stood in front of displays about to buy one many times but once I’d pick up a pan, I could never do it…  too heavy… surface not smooth… what’s this seasoning thing that makes more work for me… and it can rust? UGH! When I happened upon Field Company and this skillet, which was only available on KickStarter, I ponied up and patiently waited for my pan. Claims of it being as light as my Macbook are accurate! Smooth, sexy lines and pre-seasoned – ready to go! It washes like a dream and, with the smooth surface, it is easy to prep for the next use – even for me, who believes in “economy of effort” in cleaning chores of all sorts. Woo hoo! And no, I am not being paid for this glowing review, although I wouldn’t say no to a #10, a lid, or any other product they want to send! Ha!


Back to the frittata – YUM! Growing up in the Bronx, we had peppers & eggs quite a bit, most often made with cubanelle peppers. This EGGcellent dish elevates it to chic-ness! Shishito peppers are all the rage and for good reason. They are adorable, easy to cook, have a bright fresh flavor, and every so often you’ll get a bite of heat. Love!


A frittata is a versatile dish. You can use whatever ingredients you like with the egg base. It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s also a great late-night supper!

You’ve “GOTTA” make this FRITTATA!


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