Momma Mia!

Happy Mother’s Day to those who parent any children in any respect whether related or not, whether male or female, whether vocational (teachers) or choice.

And a mention to my mom, for whom I am named, for all the amazing adventures and warmth and jokes. With a mom like her, I never went through that phase of being embarrassed by her and don’t see aging as a drama. I had the cool mom who was traditional and not – the one the kids wished they had. She is and has always been chic and fabulous and beautiful – just like me – hahahahaha! No, I can never compare.


That said, I wanted to write about a wonderful restaurant that is soon to close in Manhattan, NY right near Bloomingdale’s called Gino of Capri (780 Lexington Avenue). They’ve been there since 1945 and the proprietors have been close family friends and business associates forever. It’s a place that has been virtually the same since it opened – the famous zebras-on-red wallpaper and old-style decor right down to the awesome doors – with delicious, traditional Italian cuisine and professional, elegant service you won’t find in any of the more trendy “fine dining” places.

There are many great tales of those who have been there over the years – Gay Talese, Ed Sullivan, Tony Bennett, Renata Tebaldi, and yes, Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, would bring a bunch of people on Mother’s Day for years. Do a search and read for yourself – amazing.

I’ve been lucky enough to know these people for years and enjoy their food and ambiance. If you want to take a bite out of the real New York before it is only a memory for the history books, go to Gino of Capri before the 23rd of May. Tell them I sent you!


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