The 2017 Red Carpet Menu Oscars® ROUND-UP!

Wow! That was SOOOOOOOOOME Oscar® show! Let’s do a quick recap!

The FOOD! I am so happy with how every dish came out. Each dish came together perfectly and was the delight of all. I think the “FenCheese” Braised Fennel Tarte Tatin was the biggest hit! Luckily I made a couple of them. I have to say, they are so much fun to make! Another big hit was the “Manchowder of the Sea” Shrimp & Corn Coconut Chowder with Bacon. That was a dish I had to tweak and perfect so having such a rousing positive response to it was wonderful.

I never would have been on time if not for my good friend Stefanie Sanabria coming over early to help. In fact, it was the first time in YEARS that I saw the show from the start! She was cracking me up when she kept saying “yes chef” to me! Comedy! I was happy to show her how to better hold a knife and get a better mince. It was a lot of fun to cook with her, as we’ve done in the past – and

When my friend Michael Turner arrived and asked that polite question, “Is there anything I can do to help?”, he didn’t expect the “yes, can you clean the shrimp?” response. It’s not a pleasant job to properly clean shrimp but he did it! He’s the BEST!

My mom showed up with the Oscar statue cookies, this year in chocolate, which she bakes each year. She started to display them around like they were waiting for a bus – she cracks me up. She also put the salad together as people started to arrive and helped with last minute things.

The Drinks! My good friend Toby Blackwell showed up with another great cocktail this year. He created “The Jackie O Rose Drink”, in honor of 3 time nominee JACKIE which consisted of Rum (Tangerine in this case), Corvoisier, lime juice, sugar, and a little white cranberry juice, because otherwise it’s A LOT of alcohol. Put in a pitcher with ice. So delicious!!!

My sister Nancy created another signature cocktail she called the “Manchester By The Sea Breeze” – coconut water, coconut vodka (or you can use regular), cranberry juice, and red ruby grapefruit juice. She topped them off with a dip in lime juice and coconut flakes. Yum!!!

We also were excited to have Giovanni Gonzalez‘s amazing HOMEMADE WINE!!! You do know that homemade wine packs more of a punch, right? I’m so glad he brought so much so I can enjoy it after Oscar night! 🙂



Here’s my full recap:

A special SHOUT OUT to Toby’s friend Kody who brought everyone a little award AND Carvel FLYING SAUCERS which were perfect for either Arrival or Hidden Figures! Ha!

From left to right: Barbara DeBisschop, Toby Blackwell, Nancy Zito, Nazario Bosco, Me, Stefanie Sanabria, Toni Zito, Michael Turner, Jennifer Savastano, and Rob Levine.

Some last-minute cancellations meant MORE FOR US! 🙂 Haaaaa! The big winners and loser were awarded their prized and a good time was had by all. I hope your Oscar evening was great! I’m exhausted. Until next year!


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